Federico M. Butera, emeritus professor, Politecnico di Milano.

For more than 40 years he has been actively concerned in the field of solar energy applications, low energy architecture and sustainable urban development, pioneering the introduction of the topic “sustainable building design” in the architecture students’ education.

He has been involved in many research tasks of the IEA Implementing Agreement "Energy Conservation in Buildings and Community Systems" and "Solar Heating and Cooling", as well as in several EC research programs and in UN projects dealing with renewables and efficient use of energy at building and community scale.

Besides his wide scientific production he is also author of books, articles and videos on energy issues for non-specialised audiences.

In the last years he has been involved in the design of low and zero energy buildings and communities in Italy, China, Hungary and Niger.

He is author of more than 200 scientific publications and 11 books.

He was awarded: “Pioneer for contributions in renewable Energy” by the World Renewable Energy Network in 1998; by Eurosolar in 2004 for his “outstanding service to the utilization and promotion of Renewable Energies and Sustainable Architecture”, by PLEA in 2015 as Pioneer in Passive and Low Energy Architecture.

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